May 07, 2020

Mar 17, 2020 Great Pandemics in History - ANTONINE PLAGUE (165 AD) Death Toll: 5 million Cause: Unknown Also known as the Plague of Galen, the Antonine Plague was an ancient pandemic that affected Asia Minor, Egypt, Greece, and Italy and is thought to have been either Smallpox or Measles, though the true cause is still unknown. This unknown disease was brought back to Rome by soldiers Past plagues offer lessons for society after the The Antonine Plague struck during the reign of Marcus Aurelius in the late 160s. Though millions died, the empire was big enough to absorb those losses, which still left roughly 90 percent of the

Mar 17, 2020 · Two historic plagues ravaged the Roman Empire: the Antonine Plague (165-180 A.D.) and the Cyprian Plague (249-262 A.D.). The plagues killed roughly a quarter to a third of the population, striking

Sep 28, 2017 Antonine Plague - Worldwide Outbreak

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10 Deadliest Pandemics In History Were Much Worse Than The Black Death: Europe and Asia (1347-1351) Death Toll: 200 million. By far the deadliest … Plague in the Ancient & Medieval World - Ancient History Mar 23, 2020 10 of the Deadliest Pandemics That Plagued - History Hit