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Mar 27, 2013 · How to set up public Wi-Fi at your business Protecting your private network. The simplest way you might think to offer public or guest Wi-Fi access is to let people Using existing equipment. Businesses with existing private Wi-Fi network might be able to offer public or guest access Using Many routers support a feature called guest networking, which creates a separate Wi-Fi network for friends and family to use when they visit. From the guest network, they can access the internet How to setup and run guest WiFi 1. Choose the right broadband. Before you get Wi-Fi going for your customers, you'll need a broadband connection that 2. Set up a guest network. Once you've got your broadband and your router, dive into the router's settings to set up 3. Get a hotspot gateway.

Once you've got a guest network, you can just set it up with its own password and hand it out to whoever asks, but there's a much, much safer way of offering Wi-Fi… 3. Get a hotspot gateway. This is the meat and bones of public Wi-Fi. A hotspot gateway, in the industry jargon, is how people can securely and safely connect to your Wi-Fi.

In general, the process of installing a WiFi device to use with your laptop begins by connecting the router to the same computer that is attached to your broadband modem (in this example, your laptop); this allows automated configuration software to obtain the information it needs without any intermediary devices along the way.

May 04, 2020 · To mitigate the risks of using an unsecured wireless network, make sure you have a firewall installed and turned on before connecting to a public hotspot. You should also have the latest antivirus updates and operating system patches. On Windows, you can assign network location types to automatically set up the appropriate security level.